Art classes
Offered at Ypsilanti Township Rec. Center
2025 East Clark Road Ypsilanti, MI 48198

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Questions? Email or call Tina 734-544-3815 for more information

I also teach home school art classes at United Learning Academy Homeschool Group, Thursdays during the regular public school year.


Figure Drawing/ Painting from Life / Wednesday 2:30pm -5:30pm

Instructor: Claudia Selene

Instruction on figure drawing will be given during the first two classes of each four-week session, while the second two weeks may be used complete a drawing or painting in a medium of the student's choosing, with the instructor's guidance. Principles of drawing, value, color, composition and likeness will be taught throughout by explanation, demonstration and individual instruction.

A model fee will be charged based on enrollment, which will not exceed $36. This will be due to the instructor on the first day of each session.

Supplies needed:

·         Pencils: 2H, HB, 2B, 4B.

·         Kneaded and rubber erasers

·         Stonehenge drawing paper, 9" x 12", white or warm white

Painting or drawing media of the student's choice. Color demonstrations will most often be given in oil paint on linen. (Oil supply list available upon request).       

Wednesday, February 6 - February 27
Wednesday, March 13 – April 3
Wednesday April 17- May 8

50& Beyond Members Fee: $80.00, YTR: $85.00, NR Fee: $95.00

Min# 5
Max# 10

Watercolor Basics and Beyond / Monday 10:00- 11:30am OR Thursday 7:00-8:30pm

Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss

This fun relaxing step-by-step class is appropriate for the beginner and intermediate artist. Students will master many watercolor techniques used by professional artist. Note the different sessions focus. A list of supplies provided in the first class.

Session 1: Watercolor Free Flow Beauty
            Mondays, January 7 – February 25
            Thursdays, January 10 – February 21

Session 2: Spontaneous Watercolor Landscapes 
            Mondays, March 11– April 15
            Thursdays, March 14 – April 18

            No class January 21, February 14 and 18

50& Beyond Members Fee: $40.00, YTR: $45.00, NR Fee: $55.00

Form and Value, Two of the Elements of Art/ Monday 12:30- 2:00pm

Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss

Form refers to 3-D objects.  Creating the illusion of form is dependent on understanding light and shadow.  This class takes a look at how this can be achieved.   Concepts covered include form, organic form, geometric form, the importance of light, highlight, midtone, core shadow, reflected highlight, and cast shadow.

Value refers to the darkness or lightness of a color.  To many, value is the most important element of art - especially in regards to drawing and painting.  Concepts covered include value, value scale, tints, and shades.

Mondays, January 7 – February 25
No class January 21 and February 18

50& Beyond Members Fee: $40.00, YTR: $45.00, NR Fee: $55.00

Color, One of the Elements of Art/ Monday 12:30- 2:00pm

Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss

Color is the most complex element of art.  This class is an overview of color theory, breaking color theory down into 3 distinct parts: the color wheel, color values, and color schemes.  Concepts covered include color, the color wheel, primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors, color value, color intensity, color schemes.

Mondays, March 11- April 15

50& Beyond Members Fee: $40.00, YTR: $45.00, NR Fee: $55.00

Drawing with Soft Pastels/ Tuesday 6:00-8:30 pm

Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss

Learn the fundamentals of drawing with pastels in a fun, relaxing atmosphere.  Class will include instructional demos, time for students to practice skills, and instructor’s feedback on work.  Supplies students will bring to class are: professional grade soft pastels; if beginner: a set of Nupastel by Prismacolor, and Canson MI-tentes Pastel paper or pastel sanded paper.

Tuesday, January 8- 29
Tuesday, February 12- March 12
Tuesday, March 26-April 16

No class March 5

50& Beyond Members Fee: $40.00, YTR: $45.00, NR Fee: $55.00

Drawing Made Easy/ Thursday 5:30-7:00 pm

Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss

Learn the fundamentals of drawing in a fun, relaxing atmosphere. Class will include instructional demos, time for students to practice skills, and instructor’s feedback on work. The only supplies students will bring to class are a HB or #2 pencil, and drawing paper.

Thursdays, January 10 – February 21
Thursdays, March 14 – April 18

No class February 14

50& Beyond Members Fee: $45.00, YTR: $50.00, NR Fee: $60.00

Working Studio/ Friday 10:00- 2:00 pm

Come join other artists for this time of creativity.  One may choose to draw or paint the still life that will be provided, or work on their own project.  Time will be given for group critiques and individual help from the instructor, Tina Hotchkiss.  Participants will provide their own supplies and lunch.   

Friday, January 11- February 1
Friday, February 22- April 5
Friday, April 26- May 17

No class March 1, 8, and 22

50& Beyond Members Fee: $35.00, YTR: $40.00, NR Fee: $50.00

Evening Critique and Studio Time / Tuesday 6:00-8:30pm

Instructor: Tina Hotchkiss

This class has two objectives:  learn how to analyze a work of art and how to use this knowledge to benefit one’s art. Students will bring in work for the critique discussion. These may be finished pieces or works in progress. The group will analyze the pieces and artists will leave with a better understanding of how to improve their work and how to analyze other pieces. This is a skill all artists need to master. There may be time to work on pieces in class and ask for feedback.  Starting in January 2019 this class will be offered once a month.

February 5
March 19
April 23

YTR: $8.00, NR Fee: $10.00

Travis Erby Portrait Drawing Class/ Tuesday 1:10- 2:40pm (Please note the new time)

To draw a portrait, one must understand how to draw the human head. In this class, students will learn many features about this complex shape, such as movement, proportion, structure, anatomy, and many more. The students will master the skills needed to draw the human head. Supplies to bring are a sketchpad and a pencil to the first class.

Tuesday, January 8- February 12
Tuesday, February 26- April 16

No class March 26 and April 2

50& Beyond Members Fee: $40.00, YTR: $45.00, NR Fee: $55.00

Exploration of Art for Homeschoolers /Wednesdays, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Student will spend an hour exploring color, form, texture and pattern with different art media from painting with tempera, drawing with color pencils to creating with pastels. Each week will be a different adventure in the art world. All projects created for each age group by Tina Hotchkiss. Tina will provide all the supplies.

Wednesday, January 9- February 13
Wednesday, February 27- April 10

No class March 6

Ypsilanti Township Resident fee $40.00, Nonresident $45.00

Introduction to Oil Painting 2-day workshop with Claudia Selene

This workshop is geared toward absolute beginners and those with experience in drawing or other color media who have not worked in oil paint. It is also a good workshop for those who have tried oils and found them difficult or confusing. All the basics will be covered, from how to choose paints and brushes and other supplies to color mixing and blending and how to plan, start and finish a painting. The first day will cover the basics, with exercises to familiarize yourself with your palette, practice blending from one color to another, and practice mixing exactly the color you are looking for. We will also use our painting practice to review the basics of drawing: Shadow shapes, light shapes and edges. We will use a thin mixture to create a value underpainting of a very simple still life. On the second day we will learn to apply our techniques and new-found skills to paint a simple but very realistic and nuanced still life, carefully observing small changes in color and value across the surface of an object, and faithfully rendering them in paint.

February 15th -16th   2019 / Friday and Saturday 10am to 4pm

50& Beyond Members Fee: $105.00, YTR: $110.00, NR Fee: $120.00

Studio Fee: $35 paid to the instructor the first day of class (All materials provided)

Min#: 5
Max#: 10

The art of Drawing By Subtraction/ Tracy Frein CPSA, CPX

2 day Workshop

Fine Art on Drafting Film

This workshop will help enhance your knowledge about value. You will rediscover and use a range of values to visually define objects, create contrast and render the intricate details of light and shadow within your colored pencil drawing. We will practice additive and subtractive methods to express observed tones within your work while exploring the “eraser” as an art medium.

We will identify and recognize the range of values in the environment and exercise critical thinking skills while observing, comparing and contrasting light and shadow and range of values.

We will explore working with both sides of the film to create the depth that gives the illusion of distance in the subjects face and their mood.

How: Tracy literally strip away the pigment from surface of my Grafix Drafting film using a Tombow Mono Zero eraser and an Art Gum eraser to expose the hidden layers as it retains a textured surface. This process is called “Drawing by Subtraction”.

Why: Color or lack of it alone, possesses emotion without the need to tell a story.  Drawing in a limited pallet helps me put things into a new perspective or literally puts specific aspects of life into focus. Color can be very life-like but also very distracting. Tracy also does this for dramatic purposes, to capture a mood in a moment. He wants the viewer to take a step closer to each drawing to realize that not only do the subjects composition create a mood, but so do the textures in the background.  It also allows one to concentrate on the forms, values and shadows instead of concentrating on accuracy of facial colors.

Lesson Overview:  Attendees will enhance their knowledge about value. They will rediscover and use a range of values to visually define objects, create contrast and render the intricate details of light and shadow within a colored pencil drawing. Workshop attendees will practice additive and subtractive methods to express observed tones within their work while exploring the “eraser” as an art medium. Subtraction is as important as the addition. Maybe more. Students will identify and recognize the range of values in the environment and exercise critical thinking skills while observing, comparing and contrasting light and shadow and range of values.

Drawing by Subtraction Supply List:

Manufacturer / Product / Product Number

1.    Prisma Color Colored Pencil-Black / 20508-2001 PC 935

2.    Prisma Color Verithin Colored Pencil-Black / 20509-2001 PC 747

3.    Prisma Black Color Stix

4.    Grafix Film .005 Matte 2 sided 9”x12” _Provided

5.    Tombow Mono Zero Refillable Eraser- Round / 21576-9330

6.    Tombow Mono Zero Refillable Eraser- Rectangular   / 21576-2050-optional

7.    Prisma Color Kneaded Rubber Eraser 2-1/8" × 2-1/8" × 3/8" / 21502-2720

8.    Foam core to use as your drawing surface. Large enough to accommodate a 9”x 12” sheet of film

9.    Instruction Manual- Provided

10. Make up swabs\

11. Drafting Brush

12. Reference Photo- 8 ˝ x11. B&W and Color of great quality.

13. Turpenoid Solvent – Provided

14. Various Reference Photos- 8 ˝ x11. Provided for students needing a reference photo.

Items 1-08 can be purchased at the Workshop

March 22nd – 23th, 2019/ Friday and Saturday 10:00am-4:00pm

50& Beyond Members Fee: $185.00, YTR: $190.00, NR Fee: $200.00

Min# 9
Max# 16

The Full Spectrum of Colored Pencil/ Dean Rogers

2 day Workshop

Learn to use Colored Pencils like you never thought possible! In this class, various techniques in layering, burnishing, and blending will be demonstrated. Students will learn to focus on highlight and shadow effects, and how they apply to the different elements of still life, landscape, and portraiture. Many topics will be discussed, such as the best tools to use, secrets and tips of the trade, photo reference, composition, and mechanical drawing, as well as digital editing. Projects include beginner, intermediate, and advanced, including this cat portrait piece! And students are also welcome to bring a drawing of their own that they would like help with!

January 16th and 23rd, 2019/ Wednesday 9:30am- 12:30pm

50& Beyond Members Fee: $58.00, YTR: $63.00, NR Fee: $73.00


Dean Rogers Supply List



3.    8” x 10” or larger - NOT SKETCH or DRAWING PAPER! Strathmore paper comes in several qualities – 300 is student grade, 400 is professional grade, 500 is premium grade

If you have experience with another type of paper, feel free to bring it also!


Availability: Most art supply stores carry 8” x 10” to 14” x 17” pads. Pads are available up to 19” x 24”. Michael’s and JoAnn’s may carry the small to medium pads. 

4.    1 sheet of NON WAX Transfer Paper

Availability: Most art supply stores, possibly craft stores – Saral is a good brand and is still readily available

5.    1 set of Prismacolor (or your favorite brand) Pencils – AT LEAST 72 colors including a set of grays (6 shades) – the more pencils the better– it can’t be stressed enough!!!

Availability: Any art supply store, most craft stores. Pencils are available in sets of 12, 24, 36, etc. up to 150 and often can be bought individually (good way to get the grays). Highly recommend a portrait or landscape set if you cannot get a larger set.

6.    1 White Pentel Clic Eraser

Availability: Any office or art supply store. Should come with eraser, otherwise refills may be necessary.

7.    1 pencil sharpener

Availability: Almost anywhere! Art stores will carry the kind that keep the shavings inside and away from your art.

8.    1 brush – a cheap bench brush, or big paint brush (gesso brushes are good too).

Availability – Hardware stores carry cheap brushes. All art stores carry gesso brushes, fairly cheap.

9.    (Optional) White Artist Tape, typing style erasers, fine point art knife (#1 or #2 size handle with fine point blade) Availability: Any art, craft, or hobby store (except typing erasers, which are hard to come by).

10. (Optional) 1 Piece of Art - in progress or finished, that you would like to work on or would like help with.

11. (Optional) magazines, books, or photo reference you would like to experiment with recreating


3D Street Art with Gary Horton

2 day Workshop

Location: One of the Ypsilanti Township Parks. TBD

An outdoor 3D Painting course, covering perspective and rendering techniques. Participants will learn how to use chalk to create 3D paintings on a sidewalk or other paved surface at an Ypsilanti Township Park. Therefore, artist will be working on their knees and must bring their own kneepads. All other supplies will be provided.

May 6th- May 9th, 2019/ Tuesday and Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm

YTR: $30.00, NR Fee: $35.00

Min# 8       

3 Day Plein Air Workshops with Greg LaRock

Location: One of the Ypsilanti Township Parks. TBD

Student Level:

Advanced Beginner and up. Students should have a basic understanding of how to set up their easel and work with their materials, plus some paint mixing experience. Having completed several paintings in plein air is also helpful but not necessary. You should also have a knowledge of perspective and a capable drawing ability.


My workshops are designed for the artist who wishes to take their paintings to the next level. If you feel you've reached a "plateau" in your work or are having problems with composition, values and simplification, then this workshop can help. My focus will be on:

      How to organize elements to create a successful composition.

      The construction of a painting: How to build it from the ground up.

      Maintaining and supporting a focal interest.

      Achieving depth and atmosphere, not just by painting what you see but learning how to make it successful. What works and what doesn’t.

      Simplification: understanding the power of large masses, finding them and maintaining them.

      The importance of edges: What they are and how they will benefit you.

      Colors and temperatures and how they relate to your values.

      How to take the three-dimensional landscape you see and turn it into a two-dimensional painting and ultimately, a work of art.

What to expect:

I try to give students a solid foundation to build upon and the tools to improve. this is based in the structure of a painting and understanding how to make things read correctly. I’ll show each student what’s working in their own paintings and where the problem spots are. I’ll point out the fundamentals of good design and proper organization of elements. Although, due to the limited amount of instructional time in a workshop, no one will become a master overnight, nor are there magical shortcuts or equipment. Only with hard work and perseverance, will one be able to meet the individual goals as an artist.


      On location demos: My demos cover the entire painting process from concept to completion of a plein air painting. I’ll talk through every step of the process so you will see and understand exactly how I work and think.

      Individual instruction at each student’s easel.

      Critiques and critiques of individual student’s work brought from home.

      Free goodies for all students.

May 23, 24 and 25, 2019/ 9:00am-4:00pm

50& Beyond Members Fee: $275.00, YTR: $280.00, NR Fee: $290.00

Min# 8
Max# 15